Blue Water trucking filled my 230,000 gallon pool in 1 day. That's service!

Andrew Mills
Blue Water Trucking filled up our pool and spa this weekend. They managed to do the job in 1 full day and I could go on with my business. Very trustworthy and efficient company.

Joni Jones
Blue Water Trucking has been hauling construction equipment for our company for many years. They are great people to work with. Always reliable and our parts arrive in one piece!

Sam J
Arrived as scheduled, and provided excellent service. A big thanks go out to Dave who made the delivery to my place today. While he filled the pool he showed me how to get the water and junk off my pool cover in a flash. Thanks for providing professional and courteous service, and for having such great delivery folks!

Joan E. Beaudoin
Blue Water Trucking provided the water for our annual church/school festival. Blue Water Trucking provided a wonderful, convenient service last year. Very friendly, great customer service. They delivered the water on time and recommended an approximate number of gallons we would need for the whole weekend. We were very satisfied and the church committee agreed to use their water-hauling services again this spring

Debra S
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